We develop winning strategies that meet the unique needs of each case.

We know when a major investment of people and time will yield results and when it just means a big bill, and we’re committed to identifying cost-effective solutions to our clients’ problems. If there is a way to resolve a dispute successfully short of trial, we find it. When trial is necessary, we have the proven track record, skills and expertise that winning in the courtroom demands.

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Our skill is perhaps best illustrated by the results we’ve achieved for our clients.

Our Record

InfoFlows v. Corbis Corp.

We represented a start-up company and its founder in consolidated litigation arising from the development of technology for tracking digital objects over the internet and related claims for breach of contract, fraud, and trade secret misappropriation.

Lane v. Port of Seattle and King County

We represented King County in litigation concerning the legality of the acquisition of a 42-mile rail corridor for use in establishing a trail system. The case was a putative class action in which Port of Seattle ratepayers represented by experienced class action counsel sought to rescind the transaction, arguing that the defendants lacked the statutory…

Bank One v. Westar Financial Services

We defended one of the largest banks in the United States against a billion-dollar claim that personally involved the bank’s CEO alleging breach of contract and other duties by the bank in connection with auto lease securitizations. We initially obtained a preliminary injunction enabling the leases to be serviced, which required us to persuade the distric…

Our record of success is the most powerful testament to our abilities.

We’re seasoned lawyers who know how to win important lawsuits.

Our partners and associates have had successful careers before joining our firm—at some of the largest law firms in the United States, in public service, and as in-house counsel. We’ve handled cases across the country, on both coasts and places in-between, and are equally at home in federal court, state court or alternate dispute resolution forums.

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Duncan E. Manville


Stephen C. Willey



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