Dress the Part–Or Should we?

As summer is (finally) upon us, many people inevitably turn to lighter and more casual attire.  Gone are the wool layers and turtlenecks to stave off the chills, and in come cotton classics, short sleeves, and summer dresses.  It occurs to me that this most-welcome warm season is mostly irrelevant to the lawyer’s workday attire.  Or is it? There is an abundance of material written on what lawyers should wear in court, including many thoughtful (see http://leanlitigation.typepad.com/) and amusing (see ...


Generally speaking, when preparing a witness to be examined at deposition, the trial lawyer’s focus is on (i) the witness’ factual knowledge and how that fits within the legal framework and the case narrative, and (ii) helping the witness communicate his or her knowledge effectively so that the testimony will be perceived as credible and persuasive.  In short, the drivers of the process are substance and the audience’s perception of that substance. But what comes out and how it lands depend ...