Mr. David Bruce will present “Making Your Case” as part of a one-day seminar on Landslides sponsored by the Seminar Group, October 25th 2018, at the Washington Athletic Club. This seminar is an opportunity for attorneys, claims professionals, and others to learn the nuts and bolts of landslides in Washington. Slope movement events in western Washington have become more frequent and more severe over the last few decades. These, in turn, have led to more landslide litigation, enhanced oversight, and regulation of ...


Washington’s Public Records Act (“PRA”) mandates the broad disclosure of public records in furtherance of the public policy of government transparency.[1]  Under the PRA, the media and ordinary citizens can request and obtain government records to stay informed about how their government is serving the public’s interest.  Government agencies must respond to these requests by conducting reasonable searches for responsive records, communicating with requestors, and providing the records for inspection and copying unless they are exempt from disclosure ...


To what extent does the attorney-client privilege[1] exempt from disclosure under Washington’s Public Records Act[2] billing statements submitted to government agencies by outside litigation counsel? The privilege protects “communications incident to the giving and receiving of legal advice, and incident to the representation of the client’s legal interests.”[3] This includes attorney-client communications about relevant facts. As the Washington Supreme Court has noted, “‘[a] fact is one thing and a communication concerning that fact ...


On April 12, Judge Laura Middaugh dismissed an Initiative 91 challenge to the Memorandum of Understanding among the City of Seattle, King County and Chris Hansen's ArenaCo, providing another "assist" to the return of the NBA to Seattle. We are proud to be a part of this: we represented King County, and led the efforts to brief and argue the motion to dismiss. Read the motion to dismiss here, and see the coverage here.