SBW Partners’ Presentation to the Washington Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel

On May 14th, the partners of Savitt Bruce & Willey gave a CLE presentation to the Washington chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel.

The topic of discussion was “Finessing the Fine Print: Getting What you Want and Knowing What You’re Getting with Agreements to Arbitrate and Covenants not to Compete”.  The material was presented in two segments.   The first segment focused on the strategic use of agreements to arbitrate to ensure that the claims subject to arbitration are the ones corporate counsel want to arbitrate and that the process, as defined by applicable law and shaped by the parties, is chosen with full knowledge of its (often unintended) practical effects and limitations.  The second segment focused on covenants not to compete, primarily in employment agreements, and how to draft such agreements to make them effective in providing the protection needed in a particular context while avoiding restrictions that may make them unenforceable.

We would like to thank the members of the WACC and invited guests who attended.  Should you wish to download the materials from our presentation, you may do so by clicking here.

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