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This is the third post in a series examining Washington law on noncompete agreements. In the first, we provided an overview of the major changes to Washington law regarding noncompete agreements under new legislation that Governor Inslee signed into law on May 8, 2019. In the second, we discussed how Washington courts evaluate the reasonableness of a noncompete agreement to determine its enforceability. In this post, we take a closer look at the key elements of the new statutory scheme ...


Many employers rely on non-competition and non-solicitation Agreements with employees (collectively, “noncompetes”) to protect confidential or proprietary information and business relationships when the employee leaves.  Properly used, noncompetes can serve a valuable purpose—but only if they are enforceable.  In litigation over noncompetes, the first and potentially decisive battle concerns this legal issue. The enforceability of noncompetes is decided by state law, and while nearly all states agree that noncompetes are a disfavored restraint on trade, just how disfavored can vary greatly.  ...