PART 2 In an earlier post, I explained that in Washington the attorney-client privilege held by corporations protects communications between corporate counsel and lower-level corporate employees, with some exceptions.  Does this also rule protect communications between counsel for government agencies and lower-level government employees?  Although there does not appear to be a published Washington case on point, the answer is very likely yes. Washington law is clear that the attorney-client privilege, codified at RCW 5.60.060(2), protects communications between the legal advisors ...


PART 1 In Upjohn Co. v. United States, the United States Supreme Court held that the attorney-client privilege protected communications between counsel for Upjohn – who were investigating possible illegal activities by the company – and lower-level company employees.[1]  The Supreme Court rejected the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals’ holding that under the so-called “control group” test, the privilege only covered communications between counsel and “officers and agents … responsible for directing Upjohn’s actions in response to legal advice.”


On October 21, 2014, the Washington Supreme Court heard oral argument in a case brought against Backpage.com and its affiliates by three underage sex trafficking victims who alleged that hundreds of sex trafficking customers were directed to them via Backpage’s website.  Savitt Bruce & Willey served as Washington counsel for amici the National Crime Victim Law Institute, Shared Hope International, Covenant House, and Human Rights Project for Girls.[1] The question for the Supreme Court was whether the Backpage defendants ...


Last September, the Washington Court of Appeals held that the “economic reality” test is the proper method to determine whether an entity is a joint employer for purposes of imposing liability under Washington’s Minimum Wage Act (“MWA”).[1]   The Washington Supreme Court has now affirmed.  An earlier blog post about the Court of Appeals decision, Becerra v. Expert Janitorial, is available here.  Becerra involved allegations by a group of janitors that they were underpaid in violation of the ...