Tale as Old as Time: Duty and the Breach

September 15, 2017

Our website has a blog. We think (hope?) it is good—that it has articles of interest to our clients and our colleagues at the bar, and that it sometimes is not just interesting but amusing. (E.g. here and here.) It doesn’t have a name, though, and don’t all good blogs have a name?

Well, we like a musical as much as anyone else, and we can recognize much of the law as a dance and a tune that needs to be well-choreographed. And, as we’ve noted, every lawsuit and every legal dispute involves a claim of a duty and its breach.

And so we announce the new name of our blog, the song as old as rhyme, the law’s simplest song: “Duty and the Breach.” Please visit for posts about changes in the law, aspects of litigation practice and strategy, and musings on the legal world and practice of law in general.